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Competition Sets
02016 KPD Compset v1.4
02017 KPD CompSets v.1.3
02018 KPD Compset v1.3
Concert / Parade Set
0Irish Set4/4
0Steam Boat6/8
0Parting Glass4/4
0KPD Patriotic Set v1.54/4
0Battle of the Somme set9/8
0U21 Concert Set
0When Irish Eyes Are Smiling3/4
0When the Pipers Play4/4
0Road to the Isles Set
0Lament for Mary MacLeod
0Lament for Mary MacCleod Band Parts
1High Road Set2/4
2Green Hills Set3/4
3Scotland The Brave Set4/4
4Atholl Highlander Set6/8
5Cullen Bay5/4
5Battle of Waterloo Set4/4
6Road to the Isles2/4
7Rocky Top KPD2/4
8Cabar Feidh4/4
0Marquis of Huntly's Highland4/4
0Ghillie CalumStrathspey
0KPD Ex no 1
0Tachum Ex4/4
0KPD piping 101
0KPD piping 102
14/4 Exercise 14/4
2C/B Doublings 2/4
3Mojos Warm Ups
Grade 4 Competition
0Marion and Donald4/4
0Piper of Drummond4/4
0G4 Medley 2017
0G4 Msr 2017
0Lady McKenzie of Fairburn
Grade 5 Competition
0G5 2017
0Loch Ruan Snare G5
0Loch Ruan Tenor G5
0Loch Ruan G5 2017 pipes
Slow Air
1Amazing Grace w harmonies KPD3/4
2Rannoch W/2nds
3My Home6/8
4My Home Seconds6/8
5Highland Cathedral Korb
0KPD 2017 Tune Book v1.5

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