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Competition Sets
02020 KPD Compsets 1.2 w links
Concert / Parade Set
02019 KPD Tunebook v1.4
02020 KPD Tunebook
124 set High Road2/4
234 set A Green Hills3/4
034 set B Magersfontein
344 set Scotland The Brave4/4
468 set Atholl Highlander6/8
098 set Battle of the Somme9/8
0Drums Magersfontein
0Farewell to Nigg Harm KPD
0Irish Set4/4
0KPD Patriotic Set v1.54/4
0Lament for Mary MacCleod Band Parts
0Lament for Mary MacLeod
0Little Drummer Boy
0Parting Glass4/4
7Rocky Top KPD2/4
0Skye Boat Song KPD
0Snare Basic March 1 Quigg
0Snare Basic March 2 Quigg
0Snare Cullen Bay
0Snare Euspba
0Snare Euspba 24
0Snare Euspba 68
0Snare Farewell to Nigg
0Snare Loch Rannoch & Skye Boat
0Snare Rocky Top
0Tenor 24
0Tenor 34
0Tenor 44
0Tenor 68
0Tenor Battle of the Somme 98
0Tenor Rocky Top
0Tenor Scotland the Brave
0Tenor skye boat song
0When Irish Eyes Are Smiling3/4
14/4 Exercise 14/4
2C/B Doublings 2/4
0KPD Ex no 1
0KPD piping 101
0KPD piping 102
3Mojos Warm Ups
0Tachum Ex4/4
Grade 4 Competition
0 Snarewbass Sleepy MaggieQuigg2019
0Bass Capt Horne Brown 2020
0Bass Circassian Circle Brown 2020
0Bass Lady Mackenzie Brown 2020
0Bass Marion Donald Brown 2020
0Bass Pikemans MarchQuigg2019
0Bass Prince Charles Lochaber Brown 2020
0Snare Captain Horne Brown2020
0Snare Circassian Circle Brown2020
0Snare Lady MacKenzie Brown2020
0Snare MarionDonald Brown2020
0Snare Pikemans March Quigg2019
0Snare PrinceCharlesLochaber Brown2020
0Snarewbass Lydia FowlerQuigg2019
0Snarewbass M Connellv2 2019
0Snarewbass Paddy Be EasyQuigg2019
0Snarewbass Sleepy MaggieQuigg2019
0Tenor Capt Horne Brown 2020
0Tenor Circassian Circle Brown 2020
0Tenor Lady MacKenzie Brown 2020
0Tenor Lydia FowlerQuigg2019
0Tenor Marion Donald Brown 2020
0Tenor Molly ConnellQuigg2019
0Tenor Paddy Be EasyQuigg2019
0Tenor Pikemans MarchQuigg2019
0Tenor Prince Charles Brown 2020
0Tenor Sleepy MaggieQuigg2019
Grade 4 Medley
0G4 2020 medley mp3
3Pipes LydiaFowler6/8
1Pipes Pikemans March
Grade 4 MSR
0G4Mssrr mp3
4Pipes Circassian Circle
3Pipes Lady McKenzie of Fairburn
5Pipes Marion and Donald4/4
Grade 5 Competition
0Bass Intercontinetal Gathering
0Bass Roses O Prince Charlie
2Pipes Rose O Prince Charlie
3Pipes The Gardens of Skye4/4
1PIpes The Intercontinental4/4
0Snare GardensofSkye
0Snare Intercontinental Gathering
0Snare Roses O Prince Charlie
0Tenor GardensofSkye
0Tenor Intercontinental
0Tenor Roses O Prince Charlie
Slow Air
1Amazing Grace w harmonies KPD3/4
5Highland Cathedral Korb
2Rannoch W/2nds

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