The Knoxville Pipes and Drums plays a verity of tunes grouped into sets of two or more tunes, as well as, solo tunes such as Amazing Grace for special events.

Here is a list of tunes and tune sets that are part of the core set of tunes our band plays.

Note that EUSPBA tune settings are played where applicable, thus making it easier to meld with other bands or players for large venues.

High Road 2/4 Set

High Road to Gairloch
Mairi’s Wedding
Brown Haired Maiden

Green Hills 3/4 Set

Green Hills of Tyrol
The Battle is Over
Castle Dangerous
Argylls Crossing the River Po

Scotland the Brave 4/4 Set

Scotland the Brave
Murdo’s Wedding
The Rowan Tree

Atholl Highlanders 6/8 Set

Atholl Highlanders march
Bonnie Dundee

Single Tunes

Amazing Grace
Highland Cathedral
Caber Feidh march
Rocky Top

All of our band’s kilted members are able to play any of the tunes listed.

Band competition tunes are established each competition season  and our Grade IV band plays two different sets while our Grade V band competes with one march set.