The Knoxville Pipes and Drums welcomes new players and students who are prepared to make a commitment to practice and attendance. Our biggest requirement of you will be a willingness to work hard and HAVE FUN.

If you already play the Great Highland Bagpipe or,

If you have drumming experience (marching band, kit, drum line)…

Please contact us for information about joining the band. ALSO, we encourage you to visit one of our weekly rehearsals at Buffat Heights Baptist Church on Monday evenings, starting at 6:15.

If you want to learn to play pipes or snare, tenor or bass drum…

The Knoxville Pipes and Drums offers a combination of initial free group lessons and more advanced private instruction.

Learning to play these instruments is similar to learning other instruments.

The keys to progress are: practice, persistence and patience.

The rewards of practice, persistence and patience are: the satisfaction of mastering a difficult instrument and the sheer joy of making wonderful music.

The ultimate goal of mastering these instruments is: joining the Knoxville Pipes and Drums as a playing member!